What I have...

What I have is...a lot. Sometimes I like to sit back and be thankful for the opportunities and the MANY MANY loving people that I have around me. Over break I got to see tons of my friends - including CAITLIN ANN...who actually conspired with my mom to surprise me with coming home. Loved that. Also went to Hooters twice...once with Amy and once with...my mom! Ahahaha! SO YEA! Things are swell...totally and completely swell. Despite Mike being away for the weekend, things are going incredibly well. I have recently reconnected with Adam Harm - and it has made me want to give a HUGE thumbs-up to the world. I am starting classes all focused in my major (Communications)...and they are all politics based. IE - Rhetoric & Politics, Political Deliberation (400 level...YOWZA!) and Press & Politics. So excited about those...totally up my alley for sure. I've also got quite a few internship possibilities to choose from which is something to definitely be amped about. It is also looking like I just might get to spend a chunk of my summer, once again, watching my two beautiful boys Jaspar and Levi - so go ahead and look forward to that! In addition to all of this, I have an amazing man by my side...supporting and loving me through everything. I'm really looking forward to UW in the Spring - it should be quite a daily treat. I know I say this every time, but I really want to start keeping up on this thing more regularly. Now that I've got the fancy new PDA with WIFI and the slide-out keyboard and all that jazz, it shouldn't be that hard. In fact, to be quite honest - NOTHING is hard on that phone. Annnnd in other news...I'm going to go paint, eat dinner and probably spend the night talking to amazing people : )

Health. Wealth. Happiness.
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For Mike.

A blue, black shade of love.
Sent from above.
My hands are tied to worlds unknown,
And this I know.
Your breath's like wine,
And just like clouds, my skin crawls.
It's so divine, the sky it glows with fields of light.

Did you know that I love you?
Come and lay with me.
I love you.
And honestly, I love you.
You make me feel alive,
and I'll love you
Until the end of time.

My hands shake clasped with fear as you come near
To say goodnight, just like a dove.
A peaceful sign.
To help us by as you come in.
Let this begin.
Stars fall like dust, our lips will touch.
We speak too much.

Did you know that I love you?
Come and lay with me.
I love you.
And honestly, I love you.
You make me feel alive,
and I'll love you
Until the end of time.

I've got a lot to say, if you will let me
It's always hard, when you're around me
But here right now, there's interest in your eyes
So hear me out, and hear this the first time
I... love you (come and lay with me)
I... love you (and honestly)
I... love you (you make me feel alive)
I... love you
Till the end of time

First of all, (not so much for Mike) but the Angels and Airwaves cd is intensely amazing. I love Mike for burning it for me, because it's slowly changing my entire life haha! I have a much longer entry coming, because so much has happened since the last time I wrote. I really need to stay on this thing, because I always feel so much better when I write in it. Honestly. First things first, Mike and I celebrated 4 months in Portland AND Seaside. We took a nice vacation the day after Thanksgiving and it was amazing. We spent days doing whatever we wanted. Walking on the beach, watching surfers, enjoying the waves, walking in the city, and curling up every night with eachother away from EVERYTHING. It was so insanely wonderful. We stayed in WONDERFUL places both times - and we're already planning to head back to Portland often because we just love that city. Our view at Seaside could NOT be beat...it was right on the beach, 2 floors up and overlooking the ocean. So wonderful. We had a fireplace (which we made FULL use of...smores BOTH nights haha!) and a kitchen STOCKED. Our bed in Portland was intense. It was a King - and neither of us had ever experienced THAT wonderfulness before hahaha which we have now realized should become a regular occurrence. Anyway - we're back now - adjusting to regular day-to-day life again. A struggle, no doubt. Anyway, this entire entry is for him. Because he deserves it. Because he's wonderful, understanding, supportive, sensitive, and loving. Because we are building something real. Because he's mine all mine. And because he's my world.

I love you baby, with all that I am.


Just for the record...

Today is Mike's and my 3 month anniversary. May seem small to some people, but believe me when I say - they've been the best 3 months of my life. He is the most amazing, understanding, hilarious, handsome, caring, loving man that I have ever known. And he is mine - all mine.

Trust that.

"What have you got if you ain't got love?
'Cause sometimes that mountain you've been climbing
Is just a grain of sand
And what you've been out there searching for forever
Is in your hands
And when you figure out love is all that matters after all
It sure makes everything else...seem so small..."

In love.

Sooo, best weekend ever folks. Ever. Romantic, fun and relaxing. Let's start with Saturday - Mike and I got to sleep in...and then we took to the road. We had both wanted to go on an Autumn drive for a while (since the leaves started changing colors really) so that's exactly what we did. We headed North. Then we headed East. We ended up in Morton and if you want to see more pictures go ahead and head over to my Facebook - they're adorable and beautiful. We had such a good time, just being outside - I was all bundled up, he obviously was not. We kept each other warm : ) Anyway! We went to this little park and he took tons of video (yes, even some of me). There was a river and trails and ANOTHER park with trees of 1,000 different colors. It was beautiful. The sunset was absolutely wonderful too, everything turned orange and it was super romantic. Needless to say we had a wonderful time. We also got to see a lady get arrested and cuffed! Then, that night we went home - got all fancy and Mike took me out to a WONDERFUL dinner at Claim Jumper. When I say we got all fancy, I mean it. Mike was in slacks and a dress shirt and I was fully decked in heels, skirt - the WORKS! The food was AMAZING and the beer there is surprisingly some of the best I've ever had! SUCH a good night, you don't even KNOW! I'd like to include a quote from my boyfriend on the drive home here...but for censorship I won't. However, he knows what I'm talking about and I'm sure he's smiling right now hahaha - bigger than he ever has in his entire life! Sunday we slept in AGAIN (what a concept!) and headed over to my momma's for the Seahawks game (fuckin' about time they won!). Then my mom, Mike and I headed to The Ram to finish watching the game and get some amazing foodiez and drinkiez. Our waiter kept hitting on my mom which was, needless to say, incredibly awkward. Funny though - because I can't seem to keep my mouth shut about those kind of things haha! Next it was off to see the movie Into The Wild (a book my mom and I have been crazed over for the longest time)...and it was FAB. Kind of a sad movie, but really thoughtful and enlightened (omg...that language...I SO go to UW lmfao). Then it was back to Mike's to get some work done and watch The Office episode that we'd missed from last week. I suppose that brings us almost up to today - except there's one more thing I'd like to include. Amy Knox - one of the most amazing people that I know...we just had a 90 minute phone conversation, sharing thoughts, ideas all that jazz. I love her so much. I love her and miss her with my whole heart. Babe - you're amazing...and I've been by your side for all 10 months. I've seen where you've come from, and that's why I know that where you're going is going to be a beautiful place. Now...what's my damn picture of biatch?! Anyhoo - Mike and I are pumpkin carving on Friday with my mom and going to dinner with Lara and Alex on Sunday! Oh! And! We wanna meet up with Andrew for drinks sometime TOO this weekend! So there ya have it : ) Health. Wealth. Happiness.

"Stood on the edge
Tied to the noose
But you came along, and you cut me loose..."

All better.

That is the face I got to spend the evening with - and what a wonderful one it is. I'm right back where I was 2 months ago. I've fallen right back in love with the two boys (Jaspar and Levi) that I spend the majority of the summer with. That picture is Jaspar, of course, and we're curled up on the couch reading. I hate to sound so old but what an angel. I had a long day at school, very long. It was just intense and I had a paper to do and I was just ready for a fun (but relaxing) evening. I got way more than I asked for. I was able to get my homework done, and have fun with the boys (because the POWER WAS OUT, and what kids DON'T LOVE THAT?!). I also got to just sit at the kitchen table with Jeb, for a good 2 hours and talk Journalism, and talk people and just talk. He's seriously one of the best people I have met in a long time. That entire family is so wonderful - but Jeb in particular. What an influence he has been on me. He's so supportive. I don't know the last time I met someone who just - BELIEVES IN ME - the way that he does. He's like, inspired by everything I do. It's rare to find someone like that, I think. Anyway! It was just a great end to my day. What am I SAYING?! My day isn't over...in about 15 minutes I get to go pick up my wonderful, handsome, amazing boyfriend from work. What a tough day he's had I'm sure. Since Amy did, and it sparked my thoughts...I wanted to take a second just to document how amazing the man is that I'm dating. Most of you that know Amy and I know that we've got pretty similar lives. I mean - not to a tee - but pretty damn close. We've both been around our share of losers. I feel like I've found someone who really cares. Who really, is genuinely invested in US. That's a nice feeling to have returned, ya know? Anyway, I won't go on for too long - but I just have to write that I love falling in love with him. I love every second of it. He's amazing and everything I ever wanted. Smart, funny, incredibly handsome and most of all - we just fit. We just work. It just...works. Okay! Done! Sooo...life's gotten pretty busy. I mean, I'm watching the boys after school some days, other days I'm in the library just hanging out doing my thing for however long, and so on. Life's great though, ya know? It's chilly outside, I'm ready to bring out my vast assortment of scarves. The leaves are all changing colors and Mike and I are going to go fully enjoy that this weekend on our drive. No idea where we are going yet, but it's an Autumn drive - and it's going to be fab. I can't explain how excited I am to have a weekend. A real weekend. Where - until Sunday night - I don't have to worry about homework or studying or papers or exams or anything at all. I plan to engulf myself fully in the weekend experience. I've grown really fond of riding the bus. Don't get me wrong, there are still many benefits to my own transportation (namely...a 1000 sound system...but we won't touch that for now, because I do have an iPod hahaha). Not even really the BUS in general, just that time I get on the bus. That 20 minutes to school, to clear my head, get ready for my education (dorky, I know). I get to observe people, relax a little bit. Same goes with after school (although that time has now officially been designated my 'talk to Amy on the phone and laugh way too loud on the bus and annoy everyone because I'm "that girl on her sidekick" time'). But you catch my drift. And while we're on the topic, and I'm spewing all kinds of dork all over the place - my bus ROUTE in general is absolutely gorgeous. From downtown - to the waterfront of Lake Union - over the bridge and then onto the most beautiful campus ever. Good stuff. And folks, on that note - it's time to go get my love...so I will write more later. Until then, Health. Wealth. Happiness.

"And god knows...
You've got me sewn."

Wonderful weekend...

So, this weekend was pretty excellent (despite being pretty damn sick) overall. Friday - I TOTALLY owned a Philosophy quiz, so already the weekend started off pretty sweet. The weather was beautiful, and I got to spend a lot of time on campus - which I was really happy about because it's gorgeous. I got to spend some time studying and then came home, cleaned up and went over to Mike's parent's house (observe the picture above) for dinner and a little birthday excitement hahaha! I know you can't see it, because of the high quality SIDEKICK camera, but there's a cake in front of him with candles on it. It was SO nice to go and relax with him and his parents after a long week. Plus, his mom hooked us both up with free stuff! I got the 2 stools that used to be in the kitchen and Mike got some lamps. Overall, great night! Saturday I woke up with a headcold, which I am JUST NOW kicking. Mike got up super early to head to Aberdeen and I headed to my mommas! We had some lunch, shopped a little and then I went to Seatac and met up with my love, my reason for being, AMY KNOX. We sat and had drinks, chatted it up, and fell back in love hahah! It was SO good to see her, I'd been missing that vag, not gonna lie. After that, I headed to Seattle - to relax a little, and get ready for watching an INCREDIBLY scary movie with Mike. 28 Weeks Later came out on DVD last week, so I picked that up so I could terrify Mike with it. We'd already seen it together - but it's different watching it alone. It was SO good!! My cold was reaching it's climax that night, and after talking to Tyson, I'm pretty damn sure that I got it from him somehow. I hope _I_ don't lose hearing in one of my ears. Sunday Mike headed off to work, and I went to my mommas again so she could baby me, while I heal from my cold. Then last night Mike and I took it easy - I took a nice hot bath and he watched the Seahawks get owned. So, neither of the football teams that I wanted to win this weekend did. I'm over it. Anyway! This week is going to be a good one. Got a Communications paper due Friday - which is gonna be cake, because it's analysis of a newspaper article. Got that. I'm picking up Lara's typewriter today - I hope they actually let me take it...because that's gonna be super awkward if they don't. I'd also like to throw in here, that the new Hives album is changing my life. It's the most amazing thing ever. I cannot even explain how amped I am to see them live. I've wanted to see them for like 6 years - no joke. I have the most amazing boyfriend in the entire universe (not to mention he's the most handsome thing ever) because he got the tickets. Anyway! I should get my day started! More later! Health. Wealth. Happiness.

"When times are harder
We throw a party..."

Not dead.

Wow, the last time I updated this thing I was on my old computer (now a Mac - best purchase I ever made) and I was working with the 2 most adorable boys in the entire world (sans the one that I am dating...which is new to this update too I suppose!). Let's start with first things first, I'm going to the University of Washington (also, sidenote [because I am absolutely addicted to parenthesis and brackets at this point in my life] I am listening to Britney Spears' single right now and loving it hahaha I just wanted to have that documented for future reference) and I'm completely loving this school. I finally found the shoe that fits and man it feels good. Today I had my first meeting with my editor at The Daily and I'm pumped. AMPED, if you will. I also got to sit in on their big editors meeting - which was incredible and made me miss being in the newsroom more than I could ever write. Let's just say there's something about the words "storyboard," "layout," "sections," and "production," that get my blood pumping. It's REALLY intense though, because unlike The Collegian - The Daily is, well, daily and so their ed meetings are every day and last MAX 30 minutes (something I don't think has EVER happened in Collegian history). Intense, and I love it already. Plus, I'm going to get paid for what I write - something that completely owns everything in the world. I will get PAID for my WORDS which, well - is incredible. So yea, school is going very, very, very well. This campus is absolutely gorgeous this time of year, and that makes it even more exciting to come to school everyday. As I said earlier (because a lot of you who read this, depend on THIS as our only way of communicating - LAME!) I am dating the most wonderful, handsome and incredible man in the history of men. Get used to the name Mike, because it's going to be a reoccurring name in this little thing. We're pushing 3 months right now - and have been having the most amazing time. He's actually going to be coming up to the school here shortly to pick me up - so I'm gonna cut this when he's here. Until then, let's continue getting reacquainted! Because I want to have it written down, last night Mike and I went to the Underoath/Everytime I Die/Maylene and the Sons of Disaster/Poison The Well concert last night - and it was way cooler than you are. Seriously so much fun. AND! (this is a HUGE and, because I just got goosebumps thinking about it) WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE HIVES!!!! My dream, the highlight of my life will take place November 1st thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. Switching subjects, just slightly, I'd like to recommend the Suzzallo Library Cafe for anyone who would like to enjoy a good Vanilla Latte. Add just a touch of honey to it while it's hot, and you've got a great drink people. ANYWAY! I'd also like to add that I get to see my love, Amy Rebecca Knox on Saturday for the first time in about a month or a little more - and I am MORE than excited. From where I am sitting, I can see a girl - reading a guys computer screen over his shoulder...sneaky little woman! I hope he's looking at some good porn. What else? Oh, I know I talked about the boys (Jeb's - the ones I watched all summer) in the past tense, but they are anything but. I will be starting regular AFTER SCHOOL watching next week! Loving 2 separate sources of income. Love that. Oh and I suppose that me turning in my L&I paperwork today makes it 3. LOVE that. So, other than ALL OF THAT, I've been really busy - loving life - loving my boyfriend - loving love - but I'm gonna work hard to keep this thing up to date. Health. Wealth. Happiness. Out.

"I watched that city burn down
You can take that how you want..."

(no subject)

I'm officially attached. These boys have me by the heartstrings and they're not letting go any time soon. My summer has been one of the best summers of my life and I owe it 100% to them. This weekend however, is another story! Today is going to rule so hard. Mom and I are heading out for a MAJOR shopping trip. Gotta get clothes for the 112 degree weather that we will be jumping into in VEGAS NEXT WEEKEND!!! HOLY SHIT!!! There's a cocktail dress waiting for me at Bell Square, I can feel it : ) Then tonight I get to spend the night with the love of my life Caitlin - spoiling and pampering her for her birthday. Oh my goodness so excited!! Then tomorrow, taking full advantage of this weather, Lara and I are going to ride our bikes to UW and get some canoe's with Andy and folk and spend the day boating. Does that not sound like the best thing ever?! I can't effing wait! Plus I miss Lara, our weekends together are so fun, I wish they lasted longer! Tomorrow night, it's a wonderful night filled with SUSAN!! She called and ordered me to cancel what ever plans I had, and spend the night with her - drinking iced coffee, eating great food and talking, giggling and all the other nonsense that goes on between us. It's been well missed and I cannot WAIT to see her! Our goal? Go to one of the many restaurants around here with outdoor seating, and I know just the place down on 5th and Stewart. LOVE living downtown, love it! In other news, last night my mom bought $250 tickets to Legally Blonde for our 2nd night in New York at Christmas. I sometimes forget that I'm spending Christmas in New York this year, man it's going to be so insane. We're already spotting restaurants and lounges that we want to go to. I am going to see EVERYTHING, and it's going to rule. Christmas in New York, does it get better? We're also planning our 2 and a half week road-trip down the coast. We've got a convertible waiting for us for right after my UW orientation. We're just gonna get in and go. We have so many people we're visiting on the way down too, it's going to be great. Tons of family, old friends and of course we're going to get in some pretty amazing shopping! Sick! Sooo yea, life is grand! OPE! Almost forgot the 4th of July report! I spent it with some really beautiful people...namely Caitlin, her cousin Courtney (who I grew up with too, but haven't seen in a LONG time, it ruled!), my mom, and about 30 neighbors and old friends. The BBQ was freakin' delish...Dawn cooks a mean - well I don't even know what it was, but there was good sauce on it hahahahaha! Probably catbrains (inside joke with Cait) hahah! It was the best 4th of all time. Caitlin and I jumped in a swimming pool with all our clothes on, drank far too much and laughed until we cried. It was amazing. Won't ever forget that night, ever. This next week the boys start pottery camp, but it's only for a few hours a day. I'll miss them like hell but it won't be too hard. (P.S. A guy just walked by down on the street with a HUGE bunch of flowers...so cute, and the flowers were BEAUTIFUL! I think it's time for a trip to Pike Place to stock up!) Anyhoo! I should get going, I'm starving and Ruth's Chris is waiting for me and my mama! P.S. Hope everyone is a healthy shade of tan by now, this weather has been amazing! YAY!

"So you're trying to do what they did
Your friends that turned to liquid
And got lost in a sea
And now you're drowning me
With your talk of 4 leaf clovers
It's bruising your Karma..."

New beginning again...

The sky was amazing tonight, for those of you hermits who didn't venture outdoors this evening. This weekend ruled. Completely and totally. Let's start from the top! Friday when I got off of work I went home and hung with my mom for a while on our beautiful deck, sipping wine and having woman to woman conversation. It was beautiful. The air was crisp and clean and the sunset was beautiful. Then I headed over to Caitlin's (aka my 2nd home) to hang for the rest of the night. We ended up ordering a movie off of Comcast called Touristas - it was completely horrifying and perfect. Caitlin is by far my favorite person to watch movies with. She's completely silent, thinks ALL the same things are scary/funny/sad as I do. And afterwards, we can talk for hours about ONE little detail. Pretty wonderful. So after stuffing ourselves with popcorn and all that, I came back to Seattle for a good night's sleep before Saturday. The next morning I got up and went to get some lunch with my mom, see the movie SICKO (which completely changed...well...a lot...you have to see it) and did a little shopping for some kitchen stuff for momma. Then I came back to Seattle where I spent the rest of the evening relaxing until Toby came over and we hung out for a while. That's always a good time and we had fun. Great stuff! Then this morning I got up and headed to Lara's to have our Sunday coffee and all that great jazz. We headed out for a beautiful bike-ride to the Ballard Farmers Market and we had an ABSOLUTE blast. We dropped our bikes off at this little hole-in-the-wall bike shop for tune-ups and did a little shopping around for some fresh veggies and all that. Got some hot dogs, sat in the grass eating fresh cherries, peas and hot dogs - talking about how wonderful things are and taking in the afternoon sun. What a wonderful girl Lara is, I'm so happy I have her in my life. Then we headed back to Magnolia, and I left to my mom's once again. I hung out with her for a while tonight, then went to Caitlin's for dinner. Her mom cooks a mean dinner, and we ate until we were stuffed...and then some. Love the BBQ stuff. Then Cait and I headed out to see the new Die Hard movie - which was freakin' fantastic and HILARIOUS. So good. I know, that's a total guy movie but it was really, really good. Toby said he wanted to see it, but too late! hahaha! Anyway, then we made our plans for the 4th (which include a healthy dose of Shai LaBouf [transformers], and a wonderful night filled with giggling, fireworks and good food YAY!). So that was my weekend! I'm gonna spend the rest of the night relaxing and getting ready for yet another wonderful week with my 2 favorite boys, Jasper and Levi. CANNOT WAIT. A few other things I cannot wait for include next Sunday - Lara, Andy and I are going to UW to get a canoe, and go boating! Oh man it's gonna be great!! AND I found out today that Lara is planning my birthday and it's going to be life-changing. She's having it at her house, and it's going to be completely epic. SO wonderful! I also made my registration/orientation appointment for UW!!!! And only 2 days after that my mom and I are leaving for our ROADTRIP down the coast!! Oh man that's going to effing RULE! She's renting a convertible and we're talking 2 weeks of freedom and enjoying life with my best friend. Also, another little side-note, a guy I went all through school with (yea, since like Kindergarten) got picked 15th in the 1st round of the NBA draft!! Rodney Stuckey was drafted by the Detroit Pistons and was on ESPN and everything! It was SO intense! Caitlin and I were on the phone like SCREAMING! He's so nice and incredibly talented, he deserves it for sure. SO intense to see someone I have known for so long talking to the anchors on ESPN though, surreal. The boys loved it though haha! "Can you call him right now?!" No sweetie. I can't. ANYHOO! Life rules, hope yours does too! Health. Wealth. Happiness : )

"Cause all you really need
are a few good friends..."

The good life...

The boys. Again. You're sick of this by now aren't you? Well loyal readers, it's only just begun. You've got a whole summer of this goop to swim through - and it's only going to get more gushy : ) Today was an amazing day. Got to the boys' place and finished a book while eating breakfast with Levi (since Jasper spent last night at a friends' house) and he read the entire sports page of the newspaper. This, my friends, has now become our morning routine. I drink some great coffee, we chat a little at the kitchen table about either my book, or some sports story - and eat breakfast. It's so nice. EXCEPT that when Jasper is there, we get a healthy peppering of giggling, tickling and silly jokes. LOVE that. So anyway, today was no different (except minus little Jazzy J) until he got dropped off. We got ready for the M's game and headed in to Seattle. The boys were SO excited, and I was too. Then, my entire day - week - month - year - LIFE was made. See, the relationship I have had with the boys thus far, has been kind of like...I'm their really good friend who they spend the day with. Today however, in the midst of a huge crowd walking to Safeco Field - they were glued to my side. One on each side of me. Then - they grabbed my hands. And my heart melted as we walked the rest of the way. The game was a blast...especially texting Mike the whole time, seeing him and Casey waving obnoxiously, actually seeing Mike after the game and the boys getting to meet him - and the M's winning in the 11th. It was amazingly fun and we plan on doing it a ton this summer. The rest of the week should be great too, but I think I recapped that in a previous entry. I'm also really glad that Levi didn't spend the night at the birthday party he went to tonight...good deal hahaha! Anyway - love all that...and that VEGAS IS IN A FEW WEEKS SUCKASSSS!! Oh tight!!

"So you're trying to do what they did
Your friends that turned to liquid
And got lost in the sea
And now you're drowning me..."